Indoor and Outdoor Solar Lighting

Options for Indoor Solar Lighting

One way to use solar lights inside your home is to have a solar tube installed on your roof. It is called a solar skylight and is a tube that has reflective materials and a lens. It redirects the sunlight into your home naturally.


A solar tube is environmentally friendly and saves you money on utilities. It is easy to have installed. A solar tube can be installed anywhere on the roof. A professional can install one solar tube or as many as you choose.


Another option for indoor solar lighting is a solar hanging light. It can be installed in your home or an outdoor building like a shed. For the hanging solar lamp to work properly you must have a solar panel installed on the roof above where it will hang. Solar hanging lights are connected to the solar panel with a cable. There are many different types of lamps to choose from.


Some solar lamps have a panel with batteries that must be charged using the sun. They are lightweight and come with suction cups that attaches to the window or can be put outside to charge. These lamps provide light at night in inside your home. This saves on using electricity and can provide light in hard to reach places.

Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is very affordable because the lights are powered by solar panels and rechargeable batteries using the sun. Most use LED bulbs that have a longer shelf life. Outdoor solar lighting makes your home or business safer at night.


Solar lights can be installed on the outside of your home to light the porch or outside of the house. Lights can be added to your garden or walkways. This allows you to work in the garden at night and enjoy being outdoors. Outdoor solar light beautify the outside of your garden, walkways, barbecue and pool area.


Outdoor solar lights can be installed in any area that receives direct sunlight. Many come with a panel that is infused into the head of the lamp for easy installation. Some outdoor solar lights come with a detachable solar panel for installing easily outdoors.


Outdoor solar light make entertaining outdoors or working safe. You can enjoy evenings sitting by the pool, barbecues or cookouts, working in the garden or sitting outside talking with family and friends. Investing in solar lights is a good choice.